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Sauleda, S.A.

Sauleda, S.A.

One of the world’s oldest and most respected textile manufacturers, Sauleda S.A. has been weaving, dyeing and finishing superior grade textiles for more than 110 years.

Vertically integrated, Sauleda utilise only the finest quality raw materials. Exercising rigorous commitment to strict quality control ensures textiles are of the highest standard. Continuous capital investment in advanced production lines is testament to this commitment.

Sauleda have developed extensive collections of market leading acrylic fabrics. Custom manufacture of special colours, fabric widths or new fabric constructions can also be arranged.

Sauleda solution dyed acrylic fabrics are backed with genuine fabric replacement guarantees, including a market leading 10 Year Warranty on Lisos solar protection textiles. Sauleda’s acquisition of textile manufacturer, Tuva Textil, added brilliant Teflon® treated decorative, upholstery and custom ranges which reach into interior curtaining and exterior upholstery markets.


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